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Simple homemade vegetable soup detox to lose weight easily

20. 09. 2010

Simple homemade vegetable soup detox to lose weight easily


Simple and easy home-made fruit and vegetable soup detox diet

Want to know your intestines have accumulated stool, if the following two line are on the state your body with stool positive phenomenon exists oh.
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Test: Your intestinal tract clean?
Shoulder pain, neck pain; hands and feet cold; pale gray matte, rough skin; bloating abdominal pain,halitosis; acne, freckles more; bruises easily after the congestion; waist, knee and other joint pain; dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation; stomach, venous leg floats; gums and lips black; fecal smell and black; frequent headaches, insomnia, irritability.

Fruits and vegetables soup detox diet
As long as the improvement of lifestyle, eating habits can remove stool, and introduce a clear stool of fruits and vegetables soup detox diet, you want to clear the stool to make a quick try oh.
Advantages of fruits and vegetables soup detox
Eat belly full; clear solution stool; desire to achieve weight loss; promote blood circulation; regulate health; skin beauty.
Material: white radish a 5 cm thick, red radish 1 / 3, apple 1 / 2, 1 tablespoon honey, ginger 1 small.
Method: Stir the ingredients into the blender can be.
Drink more than 1500ml of water a day, drink at least a bowl of vegetable soup.
Eating fruits and vegetables in the breakfast soup detoxification, and promote the excretion of food consumed the night before last.

List of fruits and vegetables soup

First day
Breakfast: fruit and vegetable soup (quantity optional)
Lunch: boiled vegetables or raw vegetables (vegetable species is free, but not oil)
Dinner: vegetable soup (random weight), fruit (except bananas)
With suggestions: black coffee, sugar-free, 100% fruit juice

The next day
Breakfast: fruit and vegetable soup (quantity optional)
Lunch: boiled vegetables or raw vegetables
Dinner: vegetable soup (quantity optional)
With a proposal: do not eat fruit, but can eat sweet potato or potato

Third day
Breakfast: fruit and vegetable soup (quantity optional)
Lunch: vegetable soup (random weight), fruit (except bananas)
Dinner: vegetable soup (random weight), fruit (except bananas)
With recommendations: boiled vegetables, raw vegetables free food.

Fourth day
Breakfast: fruit and vegetable soup (quantity optional)
Lunch: vegetable soup (random component), and bananas, skimmed milk 500ml
Dinner: vegetable soup (random component), and bananas, skimmed milk 500ml
With a proposal: water or 100% fruit juice

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Breakfast: fruit and vegetable soup (quantity optional)
Lunch: meat and tomato
Dinner: meat and tomato
With recommendations: 350-700 grams of meat, pork, chicken, fish can be, but not cooking oil.
Fruits and vegetables soup detox diet Q & A
Q: What is the effectiveness of fruit and vegetable soup?
A: fruits and vegetables soup to clean up the gut and the blood, activating the body's cells, so metabolic increase, causing the body to become easier to burn body fat, the more you eat to lose weight. Can also adjust the bodily functions, enhance immunity, but the food fed will affect the digestive capacity, so proper control of food intake.
Q: What time is best to eat fruits and vegetables soup, making what should be paid attention?
A: Breakfast, lunch can eat, eat a bowl before dinner, for 1 week, tastes vary according to each person, in addition to sugar and oil, add other seasonings according to personal preference.
Q: not eating to avoid the people, the use of fruits and vegetables between the need to pay attention to what weight?
A: you can eat steamed or broiled beef, pork, fish, do not eat barbecue meat. The best staple food rice, or brown rice can also be a mixture of both. Try not to eat fried food, bread and foods made using flour. Drink water, tea, sugar-free coffee, 100% fruit juice, fat-free sugar-free drinks, weight loss during the strict prohibition.

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Opened face-lift method of weight loss star

23. 08. 2010

Today, very few natural beauty, a lot of artificial beauty. Plastic can be seen the importance in our lives. Lose weight face-lift method is always to discuss the topic of beauty, weight loss need not worry in fact, not difficult to lose weight by burning excess fat; also do not need to take diet pills to lose weight and diet to torture themselves, face-effective method of weight loss is not pernicious to health France is the best way, the following on and Beijing Changhong plastic surgery hospital specialists work together to understand the weight loss method in face-lift.

Did you know? Now very popular in the three kinds of weight loss is to face to face-lift and fat, to fight face-lift and needle. Face to fat, there are two ways to choose, one is surgery to buccal fat pad, the other is the subcutaneous fat aspiration. To the buccal fat pad, the name suggests, is the face of the buccal fat pad excision. The process takes 10 minutes. Two hours after surgery can be a normal diet, without dressing, not red and swelling and does not affect the working life. And liposuction can tell you how baby fat reduction. It requires a doctor with a needle headlong into the face and slowly absorb the excess fat out. Surgery, local anesthesia, the whole process takes 40 minutes. 3-5 days after rapid weight loss face-lift and shaping are required to wear a headgear stereotypes.

Most certainly occur finale. Lose weight face-injection method is very popular in China, many stars have fought. It is injected in the muscle hypertrophy office materials, so that it muscle relaxation, contraction, masseter muscle activity decreased, shrinking smaller. Face-lift and the effect of acupuncture for patients with different sensitivity to the drug shows a different situation, while others need to play 2-3 pin can bear fruit. Would prefer not to change too much, or afraid of the pain do not want to Xiaogu thin face, mainly for the masseter muscle hypertrophy of the crowd can play a face-lift effect within a short time. This is not the quick weight loss face-lift alternative?

These are the thin face for three kinds of ways to lose weight, fight face-pin, slimming face-lift face-lift method of weight loss method of introduction, Beijing Changhong plastic surgery hospital specialists Tips: beauty who always have to choose the regular medical unit, select an experienced specialist treatment to achieve satisfactory surgical results

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Hollywood star's picky eating fast method

17. 08. 2010

Hollywood star's picky eating fast method

The film "Cold Mountain" film, there was news that the crew of a famous actress only ate boiled, the other not and will not import food, and eat only 2 to 3 per day boiled. Do more than one celebrity. Fitness trainer David. Kirsch said: "I have a client prepare for the Oscar, she ate only one meal a day, and eat two boiled! Even in my strong suggestion, but she increase in the recipe a few almonds, a mixed protein drinks and vitamin supplements. "

Some celebrities must do more, and even eat any food, drink beverages. "The rich Nuria" Paris. Hilton is one of her recent dinner at a restaurant in New York, 2-hour "meal" in nothing to eat, just drink a point of mineral water and Red Bull.

"Desperate Housewives" actress Marcia one - Cross a few years ago with her husband Tom, now - dinner in a restaurant when Mahoney was so. According to witnesses, said: "He (Mahoney) of sea bass and shrimp, and she (Cross) just drink some juice."

Expert Comment:

Kirsch said: "This is a harm their own behavior. You have to eat enough food, especially adequate protein intake, so as to have a healthy muscle, to maintain a good figure."

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Credulous slimming diet change lies in vain

17. 08. 2010

Whether you lose weight balance scale is increasingly known for trouble all day long? Whether you are a pretty tight fit and secretly sigh fashion do not? You can not resist the temptation of delicious food and wide open "to eat" quit? Do you often find some "legitimate" reason to comfort yourself?

If weight loss occurs during the "symptoms", you should be careful, because you have unwittingly begun to accept "white lie 7", which is perhaps the reason you failed to lose weight!

Lie 1: "As long as 7 pm and will no longer eat, you can lose weight!"

Explanation: When a meal is not important, the key is what to eat, how much to eat. If you eat too much, during the day, and no proper training to digest, even if no snacks at night, also president of meat! Renault CAN Clip

Lies 2: "weigh day, you can always pay attention to remind me to lose weight!"

Interpretation: the right diet and weight loss Exercise can guarantee that 500 grams of body weight per week less, but the scale of home weight scale does not clearly show the subtle changes that, if weighed every day, no progress will feel frustrated.

Correct approach is to adhere to exercise regularly, said 3-4 weeks time, you will find yourself really light a lot of ah!

Lies 3: "I can lose weight without exercise, because I can reduce the calorie intake."

Explanation: Perhaps not exercise, you can naturally lose weight, but not long maintained, will rebound over time. Only through movement can be fat into muscle, speed up the metabolic rate, consume more energy.

Lies 4: "Well, what do? My obesity is the genetic mother to my father!"

Interpretation: Indeed, you may have inherited a genetic parent that little bit, but more, you may not be conscious of the "inheritance" of the parents of some bad habits.

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