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Credulous slimming diet change lies in vain

17. 08. 2010

Whether you lose weight balance scale is increasingly known for trouble all day long? Whether you are a pretty tight fit and secretly sigh fashion do not? You can not resist the temptation of delicious food and wide open "to eat" quit? Do you often find some "legitimate" reason to comfort yourself?

If weight loss occurs during the "symptoms", you should be careful, because you have unwittingly begun to accept "white lie 7", which is perhaps the reason you failed to lose weight!

Lie 1: "As long as 7 pm and will no longer eat, you can lose weight!"

Explanation: When a meal is not important, the key is what to eat, how much to eat. If you eat too much, during the day, and no proper training to digest, even if no snacks at night, also president of meat! Renault CAN Clip

Lies 2: "weigh day, you can always pay attention to remind me to lose weight!"

Interpretation: the right diet and weight loss Exercise can guarantee that 500 grams of body weight per week less, but the scale of home weight scale does not clearly show the subtle changes that, if weighed every day, no progress will feel frustrated.

Correct approach is to adhere to exercise regularly, said 3-4 weeks time, you will find yourself really light a lot of ah!

Lies 3: "I can lose weight without exercise, because I can reduce the calorie intake."

Explanation: Perhaps not exercise, you can naturally lose weight, but not long maintained, will rebound over time. Only through movement can be fat into muscle, speed up the metabolic rate, consume more energy.

Lies 4: "Well, what do? My obesity is the genetic mother to my father!"

Interpretation: Indeed, you may have inherited a genetic parent that little bit, but more, you may not be conscious of the "inheritance" of the parents of some bad habits.

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17. 08. 2010


Avtor: Gost

Very interesting post. Thank You for sharing this information.
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