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Hollywood star's picky eating fast method

17. 08. 2010

Hollywood star's picky eating fast method

The film "Cold Mountain" film, there was news that the crew of a famous actress only ate boiled, the other not and will not import food, and eat only 2 to 3 per day boiled. Do more than one celebrity. Fitness trainer David. Kirsch said: "I have a client prepare for the Oscar, she ate only one meal a day, and eat two boiled! Even in my strong suggestion, but she increase in the recipe a few almonds, a mixed protein drinks and vitamin supplements. "

Some celebrities must do more, and even eat any food, drink beverages. "The rich Nuria" Paris. Hilton is one of her recent dinner at a restaurant in New York, 2-hour "meal" in nothing to eat, just drink a point of mineral water and Red Bull.

"Desperate Housewives" actress Marcia one - Cross a few years ago with her husband Tom, now - dinner in a restaurant when Mahoney was so. According to witnesses, said: "He (Mahoney) of sea bass and shrimp, and she (Cross) just drink some juice."

Expert Comment:

Kirsch said: "This is a harm their own behavior. You have to eat enough food, especially adequate protein intake, so as to have a healthy muscle, to maintain a good figure."

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